2009 Lexus ES350 Questions

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Trunk won't close, latch not functioning.
VSC light and all lights came on. Cannot start vehicle. changed battery in FOB and checked gas cap to insure it clicked. what does VSC mean and how can this problem be repaired.
Just came on.
changed gas cap worked for two days and all tbe lights are on again.
I have a clinking noise that comes and goes. My mechanic does not know where it is coming from. He said it could be coming from a fan belt, a bearing or something else. Have you heard of this problem
Just had trouble. New battery and fuse system. Now this. Almost same problem with power.
Or could this be a flaw in micheln tires? Had them rotated regular, but this didn't help. They still have 50% of wear left on them.
Left front axle makes a kind of clicking/clunking noise when shifting from R to D when I hit the gas. Sometimes it makes it if I'm stopped and accelerate harder than normal. Sounds like it may be at the end of the axle as it goes into the transmission, not out at the wheel, but it's hard to tell.
What cause the evaporate to go out?
Today, 6/18/12, when I started my car I heard this loud noise coming from under the hood. It never stopped the entire trip to work. Has anyone had this occur? BTW It never ran hot. Do you think it's harming the engine? Thx. (No codes showed up on the screen.) it did it again on the drive home.
It seems fastened in the front but i don't want to pull hard in case there are more screws.

I'm getting a very fine white power appearing on my dash. I thought it was dust, but when I wiped it away it seem to smear like a powder substance. I changed the inside cabin filter and wiped the dash clean, but within a day or so the powder re-appears. What can this be? Any suggestions for solving this problem?
Engine oil service
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