2006 Lexus ES330 Questions

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The tach has been jumping and he engine idles high. Could it be a sensor problem? No check engine light
Is it a sensor issue?
I have 155600 miles - has been an awesome vehicle to date.
A nationally chained repair shop recommends: (1) valve cover gaskets leaking needs replaced at $527. (2)transmission pan gasket leaking needs replaced $327. However, the
independent Toyota/Lexus shop recommends (1) trans flush $130 (2) T-belt sticker $249 (3) spark plugs $186 (4) water leak and timing belt $610 (5) power steering line leak $655.

Why does the national repair shop not bring up the water pump leak? Why does the Lexus shop only mention trans flush where the national shop say trans pan gasket leak replacement?

The garage wants 100 to further diagnose it. Then another 295 to replace the valve and then another 300--400 to replace the ports if still not working properly.
Seems very spendy and I am retired.
Please advise.
The brights did work if I pulled the light arm toward the driver. I drove like this for a while (blinding those coming toward me). After 2-3 minutes, I let go of the arm and the lights worked as they normally should. I'm very concerned about driving at night in the future and losing my lights again. Solution??
When I depress the button, visually I see the indicator going from lo to hi but nothing is happening - the system doesn't turn on. What could it be?
I replaced it about two weeks ago with no issues. This morning the battery light is on any advice would be helpful.

high test. Plugs and air filter clean. Runs consistently smooth. Tried a fuel injector cleaner, no help. Any suggestions?
Is it located under passenger wheel well, or under tranny carpets get soaked
Came on first drive after rear-end collision repair. mileage=62K; vehicle checked every 3mos. Shop says unrelated to collision, $943 estimate to fix! Insurance says not related. Awful coincidence or something more?
I'd like to advise my local repair shop
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