2005 Lexus ES330 Questions

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Put key in to start car lights come on but in run position no lights don't say anything
How long have you had this problem? One day
Only miles until empty displays, tachometer doesn't work, and the oil pressure and bulb out idiot lights stay lit.
Is this a fuse, sensor or ?
Drove 20 minutes. Parked for 15 minutes, started car. Check engine light came on. Car has 174,000 miles on it. Until now, no problems except for transmissionion still hesitates. Car runs great. No error code yet. Started Friday afternoon.

from second to third gear my car is jumping or lagging
changed belt and pumps at 102,000, now at 134,000
When I accelerate the noise sort of follows the shifting of the tranny. Is this timing ? Tranny ? Had alternator tested by AAA when car died, says ok. Don't have owners manual, how do I check codes ? Thankyou.
when average breaking then gently to acceleration (Dc traffic}, the trans seems to be in transition to lower gear then it jerks violently forward as if it has chosen a gear too low. the engine will wine and race before it finds a gear then it lunges forward. Shift sensor?
Doors are open. Cannot open gas door or trunk. How can I open the hood to charge or replace the battery? The car has 130,000 miles on it and is a great car.
Pretty sure the exhaust is leaking near the manifold. Just returned from a 550 mile trip and the exhaust got obnoxiously loud about 100 miles from home. Took it for an expection a month ago and it passed no problem. Called shop to have the oil changed and the exhaust diagnosed and the owner warned that the cost could be 600-800 dollars depending on the parts and location of the leak. I'm not getting any error message on the dash either. Anybody have an experience with a similar issue?
There are no other electrical or mechanical problems, it just stopped working one day. I push the button and it doesn't change.
I had an oil change and emissions test at a JiffyLube location in Utah last night. As I was driving home the check engine light came on. I returned to the service station today, and the diagnostic test showed a P0157 code. The manager didn't want to take responsibility for anything saying it was simply a coincidence.

Is he right, or is there any way the sensor could have been affected by the emissions testing?
It happens every time I accelerate for only a few seconds, then goes away. It almost sounds like a creaking like maybe something is not tightened up all the way. I bought the car used so do not know repair history.
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