2003 Lexus ES300 Questions

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All I hear is a soft humming Everytime I try to start.
window does not go up all way or down all way

It makes whining noise but engine is not even turning
My car's heat, wipers, and radio came on with no one in it. While I was driving the doors were unlocking and locking. What could be the problem?
It looks like a hose under the hood for The heating system came loss. Antifreeze is on the back wall under the's a 2006
The low beam and the driving lights on both sides don't work. High beam good. Fuse looks good.
I was driving and car shut down
White smoke always comes out the tail pipe every time the car sits for a few hrs or over night evertime I turn it on, it's always a quick good smoke and then disappears but the car runs well. ..should I worry?
When I pull off from a complete stop and I press on the gas my car hesitates to pick up speed
Took to shop had headlight replaced cost $141. After pull out of drive noticed check engine soon light is on. Husband is livid. Please help....also passenger side heat doesn't work just blows cold are when heat is on.
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