2002 Lexus ES300 Questions

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Faint whine when shifts from 1st to2 nd,whine is unnoticeable after upshift to 2nd,this problem is one I just began to hear.
i had my two rear tires for my lexus es 2002 replaced and the after a few days the traction , vcs ,abs and brake light warning symbols appeared on my gauge. can this be related. the symbols stay on consistently. no check engine light.
I've never used this mechanic before and don't know if all the work was performed. Is there a way to check if the valve cover was replaced.
I was on the expressway my Oil light came on, I put the car in Nutral it started, after few miles it died and It won't start now. I put oil in it still won't start
I was just cleaning and didn't know any better, I was told can't push throttle blade back manually. Since then rpm had changed and engine dies out, is this the cause of irregular rpm and engine cutting off. How or what needs to be done for this to calibrate to its original position. I was told that it has a mechanism unlike the old days it didn't affect touching it. So, I made a mistake, what do I do now, please advice.

this incident happen within 5 miles of destination, occurred more often in the last 5 miles, shift to neutral to maintain rpm to continue trip once its green. what issue or cause of this engine having to loose rpm and cuts off right away. do I need to replace other coils? If so where is it located, so I can do it to save labor?
I have now changed all four sensors, master air flow sensor, spark plugs, all ignition coils, and cam shaft ignitions sensor right-side. Still my engine light came on and is reading oxygen sensor bad. Does anyone have an idea why this is still plaguing me?
I have taken it to several mecanics and noone seems to detect the problem.
does it need a updated disk
The check engine light used to go off and on periodically. A month ago it came on and has not gone off. the code reads P0128, a coolant thermostat problem present. However, the engine temp gauge on my dash has been working perfectly normal this whole time. I am guessing it is a faulty sensor since, like I said, the check engine light used to go on and off periodically. What troubleshooting things can I do to find the solution?
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