2000 Lexus ES300 Questions

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the car was starting and running great, now it turns over when I turn the key, but wont start running.
Coolent boils out of the reservoir
Car over heats when i drive too fast or too long
No leaks tho
Goes into limp mode get misfire codes and fuel sensor overheat. Replace all 6 coils with after market parts replaced plugs Oem replaced mass air flow sensor. Car runs good for a day then back into limp mode. High mile vehicle. Clear codes then same thing happens all over again. When in limp does seem to want to shift out of 3rd gear misses bad at idle.
My car alarm keeps going off by itself once it's set
Seat back on passenger side is in vertical position and won’t recline . When pushing button, get no movement. Is this a fuse or electrical problem?
something is draining the battery, the battery keeps going dead and I just bought it . if I don't drive the car for a couple days it will not start up unless I get a jump... when I turn the key it sounds like the silinoid is bad I turned everything off except the flashing light for the security and that couldn't be draining it so what could it be?
Have to replace the power steering pump unit, cause its leaking real bad from the unit itself. well everytime i fill up the power steering oil , it always tends to drains out quickly from around the unit
presently will not shift into high gear
Passenger side won't come out. Is it seized in the carrier bearing? If so, then how do I remove the axle...
The manual stops at 150K. The car runs well but the dealer tells me I need this service....where do I find what it entails. Thanx
Why my car lost power, hesitate to accelerate , jerk and stall for a couple seconds. The car is drivable for 15mph under only. Please let me know how to fix it. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.
What signs and symptoms should I look for?
I went in the fuse box and undid the EFA switch 15 for a bit, popped it back in, and it didn't do anything. I don't want to have to unplug the negative terminal each time and reset the computer settings.
Just got the tires balanced and that helped a bit, but it still vibrates going over 65 mph. Anything else I should look at?
My AC stopped working. The AC light on the dash is steady and green, no blinking. The cabin filter is fine. The fan relays are also fine. However, I drove the car on a hot Houston day on the highway and the cooling fan on the driver side did not go on. The one of the passenger side was on. Could this fan have failed and is that why the AC is not going on. I had a cooling fan fail on a Chevy Cavalier and to protect the engine the computer would not allow the AC to turn on.
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