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It also jerks when I put it in gear, what causes this?
It was giving me a p1760 code and it is for a solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and ohmed out all the wires to it. All wires have the volts they are suppose to. It jerks hard when I go from park to reverse or drive and when it shifts into 4th gear only. All other shifts are smooth. I have a vsc light on and a vsc off light on. If anyone has had this problem or might know what the problem might be please let me know here or at my email. I was told that i need to replace the pcm cause it was not grounding.
i did get gas at this lil country store do u think i got bad fuel
I have replaced the alternator, the battery, the battery cables, and it still goes dead after 3-4 days parked.
Where is the filter?
however i dnt knw if it has variable timing or not so i dnt know witch mounts to get
I had a allignment. Later my car started to where i have 2 turn it half way 2 the left r right 2 keep it going straight. Had another alighnment. Car started shacking. found out front two tires were ate up and needed tires.Got to tires put on car stopped shacking. Now when i turn left im hearing a pop noice. Still have 2 tilt 2 the left a lil 2 keep it going straight. I was told i need a rackinpion.Need a second opion
need new transmission U140e
Got back from a 4 day trip last night, started my car and it made a quick weird squealish noise but ran normally as far as I know. Picked the kids up 3 miles away, drove a mile or so and noticed slight steam coming from the hood and the temp rising rapidly. Pulled over...radiator hose was off, not blow or torn but just off at the radiator. I topped off the coolant reservoir and reattached the hose. Temp read normal. Started the engine, temp dropped to cold then and I went two blocks, it rapidly rose to almost hot. I pulled back over shut it down, reservoir was full, fans running with key on but motor off. Shut it down to cool and try to get home about 2 miles away. Then, it failed to start...just clicking but not turning over. Reservoir was then empty. I topped it off this am and started the car (we had it towed last night) No leaking under the car, car has 200K but engine block was replaced (including water pump and timing belt at 105K) Engine oil was not milky or anything this am either. Dash Temp read cold for the 5 mins I ran it before I turned it off. Thoughts?
I have a 1999 Lexus ES300 with trouble codes of 1349, 0301, 0303, and 0305. I would like to inspect the cam adjust solenoids for any clogged orifices. I would like to troubleshoot the VVT circuit but my shop manual does not include the topic. Could you give me some tips on inspecting and troubleshooting the circuit and checking out the solenoids? Also, please help me identify them and location for the pair of them. Thanks
My check engine light and TracOff lights are on. My codes are P1349, P0300, P0301, P0303, and P0305. My car has 122K miles; and I have just replaced all three oxygen sensors. The car drove beautifully for 2-3 miles after I replaced the sensors; then the lights came back on; and the car idles roughly, misses, and lacks power. I have seen answers here which say that the cause(s) could be failed ignition coil(s); failed oil control valve, or failed mass air flow sensor. I would like to know how to test these components, and in what order, to determine the cause of the actual problem. Thanks.
Cylinder 2 4 6 gone bad replaced car still shaking not as bad and check engine light is still on as well as VCS light Just started maybe 5 days ago
I just purchased used ,and i am wondering what this knob under the dash below steering wheel is, it turns left to right but i can't figure out what the function is
1999 Lexus es 300 transmission will not engage in reverse or low,but drive & second still pull but not good.
transmission needs replacement
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