1999 Lexus ES300 Questions

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Cant take your foot off the gas (doesnt do it all the time)
on the road with cruise control stays on and air is real cool
at warm up, it should be around 600 or 700 rpm, when the engine is cold i understand a little higher rpm but not when its warm up already, no trouble codes or check engine light.
engine shaking
What is the dashboard light showing the rear of a car with lines coming out of it telling me?
My mechanic knew that there was a pending code of P0300 yet did other work of about $350.00 before fixing the original code? Would it have been easier and more cost effective to fix both Camshaft Solenoid at the same time then to do them serpartely?
had a pending trouble code of P300, P304 P306 , they replaced it. On 3/6/2013 engine light on with code P1349-VVT bank 1 replaced solenoid on Bank 1. Why weren't they done at the same time and why did I pay 485 in labor the first time and 303.20 the second time, part is $147.29 ea.
Are they performing the right services for these codes?
Looking at pictures and diagrams and am not sure which one it is. Don't want to replace the wrong sensor.
I have both codes and what may be wrong, but there is a list of like 50 things it could be between the two codes... The problem is that the car starts and all but when I put it in gear, R,D,2,1 it will not engage... The other day I was driving and it just basically felt like the car was in neutral while in drive, push the gas and RPMs go up but the car doesn't gain speed or basically respond at all...Also I have check engine light on as well as the trac light being on... I really have no idea as to what direction to go in i have 140K+ miles on it. I had hoped there would be an easy fix and cheap solution for this. Any ideas or suggestions as to what steps to go in?
can not change gears i have to use a screw diver to change gears
transmission seem to slip randomly
I have purchased the replacement tranny.
Car shifts funny when first started then fine after a min or so I have changes mass air and o2 what is going on grrrr trac lights on and check engine light please help its making me crazy

my car is missing and these are the codes that come up. could u tell me what these codes stand for
When i start my car and go for drive, the over drive works.. but later when i slow down and get faster again, the over drive does not work, rpm goes up till 3000-4000 but the speed does not go up.. that means the transmission is down?
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