1999 Lexus ES300 Questions

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Put new knock sensors in my 1999 Lexus 300 es. Now it's leaking water. What could be wrong?
This is the first time it did it. When try to start you hear a spinning sound
Timing belt went while going down the road. Want to know if it could cause any other problems. Want to be informed before I have it worked on.
I have a P0420 code. The dealer shop told me it needs a new manifold and catalytic converter.
I am interested in a' 99 Lexus ES300 for sale. 163,000 miles. Seller says there are two sensors for transmission. Upper one was replaced but lower one still needs replacing. Engine light is on. Does this make sense? Is it a bad problem? He put in $4000 worth of work into it, just not that one part. Otherwise it seems to be in real good condition. Is there such a thing as two oxygen sensors for transmission, an upper and a lower one?
When engine is hot, sometimes the RPM needle will drop below 1 when I'm at a complete stop and sometimes when I stop to put it in reverse
How long have you had this problem? Since I purchased the car in May
The shifter has no resistance and does not engage in any gear. does the computer need to be reset?
I was driving car gave it gas and I died out on me..tried to start it back up but won't start..It'll turn over just won't start
If you go back to below 35 runs smooth again. Mechanics i spoke with suggested - computer issue, Torque module issue or possibly Altenator issue
I hooked up jumpercables hot on negative and ground on positive and now my car want start .what did I burn up?
Recently I have replace all 6 coils, plugs, fuel filter, regulator hose, thermostat, replaced my valve cover gasket and the front (small) catalytic converter. Next up is a leaky oil pan gasket and finding a nut for my throttlebody housing which has disappeared magically.

Anyways, my check enine light is no longer on after my recent repairs, but after about 3 weeks of driving it started to chug a bit, now when I sit at idle or when I'm slowly pulling into my garage / parking spot, if I'm not feathering the accelerator the car will shut down. The fuel pump is about 19 months old.
it gets where it wont go in reverse is there a sensor on tranny thats bad it shifts fine but dies when idle but in neutral it runs fine
I put a new alternator on a new duralast gold battery new serpentine belt
The AC has always been ice cold. However, all of a sudden it blows warm air. It went from fine to not fine. Does it need a recharge or does the rudeness mean it's the compressor. Any way to check.
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