1998 Lexus ES300 Questions

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It works for a few minutes and then goes blank again
turns over fine everything works inside. No check engine light.
blows fuse after a few minutes of what appears to be normal ops
Into a es300 1998...Lexus both
I am trying to replace a leaking cv shaft seal on the trasmission
It'll also mute the cruise control. Sometimes it comes back quickly, but sometimes it takes longer
The paneling around the gear shift sometimes gets really hot in the you can feel the heat radiating off it. Is that concerning?
My gas reader will tell me I'm down 12 gallons, but I put in 10 gallons and it fills the tank.
Won't start
Ac button stays on green blows hot air i hear compressor click on also blower motor works cause its blowing air system has charge please any help????
What can be the problem ac button not flashing im at my wits end what could be the problem.
having difficulty finding repair mechanic (other than dealer) that is willing to fix ! why is this so hard ?
error code po500 replaced transmission sensor & sensor above cam shaft. Do i have to reset anything after replacing sensor other then disconnecting the battery?
Thanks, Jeff cars 172,000 miles
Has anyone else gotten this unwelcome surprise ?
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