1997 Lexus ES300 Questions

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I just had it fully diagnostic ran I had a valve replaced and oil change out new tires its ran great until now nothing major has happened so I don't know what could be the cause 1997 Lexus es300
I just tune up my 97 lexus es 300 with wires, plugs, coil packs the whole works. it was shaking, stalling, running rough,the things a car does when it need a tune up. after all that I've done, it's still doing the same thing why?????
the problem is I do not know how to remove the cover under the hood to get to the antifreeze/coolant "location"
at this point could it be NOT under the cover? If you vould please show me location where I need to pour this in?its a 1997 es300 lexus please please help
I am trying to pour antifreeze coolant into my 1997 es 300 lexus, the car is not hot right now, but it gets hot
on car meter very quickly right after I drive 1 mile..... The oil needs changing but it does have oil. Its very obvious it is the coolant, I just am not completely sure where I under the hood I should pour it into, I know how to check the oil, I also know how and where to pour the motor oil . Also I know where and how to pur in the washer fluid, however I do not know where to pour in the antifreeze/coolant can you please please please help.... a diagram would really be helpful MOSTLY
THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE I just fixed my email was missing the" 03"
Get any pressure to the brake and no peddle.what could be wrong and how do I fix it?
Jump started many times with old battery and installed a new battery 2 different times
Just purchased the car, hoping it would be a reliable choice, now day 3, I hear a revving sound while in the lower gears, it doesn't happen all the time and didn't happen at all when I test drove it.
Any idea what this might be?
It doesn't happen all the time but when I lock the doors the alarm will go off for no reason. Also I have the key fob but it is broken where it attaches to a lot chain can I get a new fob for this car or can I just replace the battery in the old one
the sensor light started staying on, non-crash related, dealer says sensor needs replacing, wants $600, even though 1997 ES300 worth about $2000, I think dealer is blowing smoke, wouldn't tell me what trouble codes were...
I have 0135 code 0141 I replaced bank 1 sensor 1 and that's when the 141 showed up, but the 135 didn't go away. I need some info on what to do.
I was told it sounds like a valve gone bad. What do you believe is the diagnosis?
new starter, ignition switch, battery. checked fuses pertains to ignition.
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