1997 Lexus ES300 Questions

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Get any pressure to the brake and no peddle.what could be wrong and how do I fix it?
Jump started many times with old battery and installed a new battery 2 different times
Just purchased the car, hoping it would be a reliable choice, now day 3, I hear a revving sound while in the lower gears, it doesn't happen all the time and didn't happen at all when I test drove it.
Any idea what this might be?
It doesn't happen all the time but when I lock the doors the alarm will go off for no reason. Also I have the key fob but it is broken where it attaches to a lot chain can I get a new fob for this car or can I just replace the battery in the old one
the sensor light started staying on, non-crash related, dealer says sensor needs replacing, wants $600, even though 1997 ES300 worth about $2000, I think dealer is blowing smoke, wouldn't tell me what trouble codes were...
I have 0135 code 0141 I replaced bank 1 sensor 1 and that's when the 141 showed up, but the 135 didn't go away. I need some info on what to do.
I was told it sounds like a valve gone bad. What do you believe is the diagnosis?
new starter, ignition switch, battery. checked fuses pertains to ignition.
The car will be dead in about a week. I check the doors. The only thing on is the alarm.
the check engine light is on and car wont start
Gas tank emptys quick. Leak doesnt seem to be from.a crack in rank. its leaking from the top of gas tank. Moist with fuel around all sides of gas tank. Car turns on but lags and seems to have to be cranked for a lil longer to start. Butwhen car is warmed up it turns on smoother and quicker
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