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I have no power when I turn my key it takes 5 to 6 times than it starts why. I will drive 5 miles to a store shut it off go into the store come back out than it starts, it does that all the time.
He put stop leak in & dye. When i brought back he said only thing he saw was leak from sensor& he put tape around it. Worse& fluid seems to leak when i drive it & when it just sets there.I want to make sure it is rack&pinion bc uts exspensive
Traced the wiring all the way back and everything is ok. I removed the new speed sensor and found a socket that fit over the gear at the bottom of the sensor and turned it with an electric wrench and the speedometer started working. What could be the problem when I place back into the transaxle it still will not work. Could I have the wrong sensor were the gear is matching.
Recently my radio was getting worked on and my radio, air and cigerrate lighter went out I don't know what happend could it be a blown fuse?
The tire seems to get blisters bumps and bubbles on the outer side of the tread on the front end driver side tire it appears to be leaning in at the very top I guess that would be a toe in our camber out of the out of alignment but the popping sound still makes no sense
What should i do to repair this problems
Car overheatsp
I went to work came back parked it in front of the house and a couple hrs later went to go to the store and it wouldn't turn over had no power to start tried jumping it(had the cables wrong first think that why the alt fuse blown out ) and wouldn't start checked fuses all were good but alt fuse replaced it got power to the car would turn over but wouldnt start, had battery checked and charged and alternator checked and all came out good I don't know what to do called a couple places and they said it would be $90 just to find the problem not even fix it or anything, need help plz
My car started regular one morning, drove a block or two & engine began a slow stall in drive gear. Turned to head back home and would go forward in drive without rpms revving up to red. Never happened before, this was sudden. put the car in all gears & it wont go at all. Thank you
I open the sunroof And now it won't close I tried to get some gasAnd push the button and it did not workIs it a fuse or something else
It was working fine and suddenly it stopped.
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