1995 Lexus ES300 Questions

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what are the corresponding codes

Car loses power wheels I am driving but only when I turn on the lights car will run fine all day until I turn on the lights then the rpms race but car does not gain any speed it's only throwing one code P1600 and when the lights are on the EPC light is on somebody please help

Is it Fuel injector or fuel rail???

Also when I press the gas all the way to the floor it won't idle up.My radio,heat,or lights are not working either.

Cant get more than 35 mph,

Car stalls cut of when head light are on new catialyc convertor new battery new alterntor new speed sensor

got new catialyc coverter new alterntor new battery new speed sensor new spark plugs

Ran fine going down the fwy until exiting, then very noisy and rough with no 3rd, lack of power, and engine light. 1 day later, no drive gear at all.

pads and rotors excellant

I have replaced the mass air flow wensor at a price of $1800. at lexus and it worked for 3 months but now did it again. I am going down the street and stop and slowing down for stop. when i accerate the car won't go. It loses power and check engine light comes on. after sitting a while, a day or two. the light goes off and it is all fine again. but you never know when it will happen again. it could be one day or 3 months. It is like having a chain holding the car back when I try to go. The lexus service said they can do nothing till the check engine light comes on. They have even kept the car for a month and drove it and nothing happens. After I thought it was fixed I put new tires and brakes on it for another $1,000. Fault codes showed malfuncrtion in th emass air flow sensor and inteke air temp sensor. they replaced the unit it says. at another mechanic I was told it needs dog bone engine mount, valve cover gaskets and spark plugs. other than that they have no clue till the light comes on? Any ideas why it is losing powwer at wierd times?

The lights on the doors come on, but the one by the sunroof will not. I can turn it on manually so I know it is working. The dome light switch does not have three positions.