1995 Lexus ES300 Questions

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car won't go into high gear. 3600rpm at 65 mph. overdrive button on shifter doesn't engage the overdrive
the check engine light has been on since the day i bought it a steady light, it throws 3 codes PO170, fuel trim PO340 camshaft position sensor and PO770 Shift Solenoid E I have to get it smogged how do i get the check engine light off so i c an go have it smogged and what needs to be replaced? The car runs fine, starts right up but the exhaust is a little smelly what can i do?
The driver side floor and both sides in the back get soaked. When it rains. There is a sunroof in the car but the area around it is not wet.
what are the corresponding codes
Car loses power wheels I am driving but only when I turn on the lights car will run fine all day until I turn on the lights then the rpms race but car does not gain any speed it's only throwing one code P1600 and when the lights are on the EPC light is on somebody please help
Is it Fuel injector or fuel rail???
Also when I press the gas all the way to the floor it won't idle up.My radio,heat,or lights are not working either.
Cant get more than 35 mph,
Car stalls cut of when head light are on new catialyc convertor new battery new alterntor new speed sensor
got new catialyc coverter new alterntor new battery new speed sensor new spark plugs
Ran fine going down the fwy until exiting, then very noisy and rough with no 3rd, lack of power, and engine light. 1 day later, no drive gear at all.
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