1993 Lexus ES300 Questions

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Works for awhile 30 minute, then stops. The next day it works.
How to remove the lower dash to replace the 30 amp main fuse?
my car runs great when outside temp is below 40 degrees
Why is that and how do i get it fixed? I can get into the car, lights come on but the car won't start and it ran perfectly before keys got locked in the car. Thank you so much!
the key will not turn at all no more so im gonna remove it and have a locksmith re-tumble the cylinder itself
The smell and smoke comes through the air vents and pollutes the car. It's misfiring and burns through gas very fast. Sometimes it turns off completely and I have to wait to try to turn it back on. It usually would go back to driving perfectly when I put Lucas fuel injector into the gas tank. It's 4 months later and that has stopped working. Now it smokes with the injector included. So far I've oh have the wires , sparks , rotor cap replacements. The mechanic that fixed it thought it was a faulty ECU ECM but I don't think so. Now it's at another shop undergoing diagnostic . Also there is loss of power and and it will barely drive while smoking.
up really high and will drag slowly before iy completely drops the gears
i happen afterb replacing a battery
It will not ingauge the starter I have full power just won't start
Ignition Signal
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