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Q: left windshield wiper not working on 2001 Hyundai Sonata

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My right wiper is working fine. But a few days ago my left one stopped. When the wipers are turned on, and the right one goes, the left one makes a slight movement, but does not go all the way up. I've tried moving it by hand, to get it started, but it still won't do any movement on its own (except for the slight movement as if it's trying to go, but won't). I'm not a "car person," but if it's an easy fix, I can follow directions and do it myself. Or if it's complicated, please tell me where to take it - will any car mechanic do the job? It seems most car places specialize in brakes or tires or whatever.
Thanks for any help!!!
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The electrical circuit, switch, and motor are all obviously OK if the other wiper works. I wonder if the wiper blade froze to the wind screen recently and loosened the nut that secures the wiper arm and blade to the wiper spindle that is attached to the wiper linkage and wiper motor. If you grab the wiper arm that doesn't function can you move it? If so place it back in what would be the "parked position" of the wiper arm and try tightening the nut that secures the arm to the linkage.
Wether it is a loose wiper arm or worn wiper linkage it is similar to any other make of car and does not requie specialized knowledge or tools. Any repair shop that works on any make of Asian car will easily be able to help you.
Thank you so much! Frosty morning and I stupidly tried to clear the windscreen with the wiper blades. Inevitably this did not work, and when I finally cleared the windscreen only one wiper was working. Searched the internet for help and found your answer. A colleague was able to tighten the nut and both blades are now working. Thank you again as this has saved me a lot of hassle.
I just had the same problem with my kia and was wondering if it could be a simple fix so I don't have to get taken from the car repair shops...thanks for having this happen to you as well so now I can fix it.
I have the same issue with my 02 Elantra. I'm going to try tightening the nut later tonight. Thank you for your very descriptive answer.
I am having the same problem on my 1995 Toyota Camry, I believe my froze as well. Thank you I will check this.
Thanks for the great answer! I'm going to try this on my 99 Jimmy on my lunch break. Hopefully we have whatever tool it is I'll need somewhere in the office...
Thanks a lot, that's exactly what was wrong with my wiper. This advice saved us hundreds of dollars and possibly getting duked by mechanics. L.H.
Thank You. This saved me $329.72 as I had an appointment to get the motor to my wipers fixed. When i found this I was able to fix it myself on my 15min break. The repair shop said that it was still my motor when I questioned them!
yep, THAT did the trick, the only problem was locating the nut on the winshield wiper. now i just wish i knew how to turn off this "air bag" light on my dashboard. They told me at the dealer it would cost at least 200 bucks
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I broke the motor, but after I read this and located the nut and tightened it, it worked! I can't tell you enough, thank you!
I had scheduled an appointment with my mechanic who would have no doubtedly charged me for a new motor, as I thought that is what was wrong. It took 10 mintues to explore a little, get the right size socket, and fix the problem. Excellent! THANK YOU!!! Saved me over $100!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! My drivers side was iffy and then today in a torrential downpour on the highway quit working. After a LONG and arduous 35 mile drive while looking through the passengers side I found your post and that fixed it. :D
On my HYUNDAI Accent, the passanger side stopped working. It would try, then every now and then would work while the driver one had been. I still don't know how to fix yet....I wonder if it's a Hyundai thing?
I have same problem, except in reverse order my driver doesnt work.

I ended taking the wiper arm nut off and pulled the arm off and noticed my splines were all striped on the wiper linkage and on the wiper arm!

Now Im trying to get Hyundai to replace it as my car is a 07 but im getting the run around from them saying its not covered and saying its not a defect on?

How can it not be a defect when the nut on it is tight and both sets of splines are striped off?

Now im in the process of looking for a replacement to the linkage instead of replacing the whole wiper motor & linkage at my own expense
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