Q: Left side crank shaft seal problem...leaking. Will this happen to all sides? on 2009 Mercury Mariner

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My 2009 started to leak on driver side 5,000 miles ago but did not realize it was from my car. I finally suspected it was me and took to the dealership. They said I could not drive due to safety reasons and gave me a loaner (junk) and said the part might be in sometime in March. (Today is Jan 27.) I'm extremely upset that I was unaware of this "common problem." Why is Ford not telling people to get this checked out? I drove this for 5,000+ miles before I found out this was my car. What if I got stranded night, etc.? I'm livid! I have to wonder if this isn't some kind of cover up by Ford? Once they fix this problem...what are the chances it will recur? Can I expect my other three axle things to do the same? I'm almost out of warranty and can't afford costly repairs. I have driven Toyotas, VW's, Renault, new VW, etc...and NEVER had to take any of them in for any kind of repairs. I'm so disappointed. I bought a Ford to appease my I'm sorry I did. Thanks for your help.
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Why not call customer service for Ford Motor Company, you live in the same state? As for buying a Ford over a Toyota etc, there is a reason those other companies have been kicking our but, their cars work properly. I have yet to meet anyone personally who had an acceleration problem on a Toyota, and I work on cars for a living! And if there is a problem, say on a Toyota, there is no 'wait until march' to get the seal. By the way, an axle seal is a common part and can be had at most parts stores, so I don't get why there is such a big wait. Again, call Ford and give them a piece of your mind!
Rookie -- this just happend to me 2/7/11!!!!! Waiting for March to get a part, driving a loaner -- sounds like there should be a recall!!!! Just NOT RIGHT!!! I used to love my Mariner, now... not so sure :-(