Q: Left headlight lens cloudy. Illuminates lower than right. Lights flicker. on 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

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Using fog lights or high beams used to prevent the problem. Now hitting the left lens w/the side of my fist stops the problem temporarily for a few days/weeks. This car was given to me, I didn't want it, tried to sell it & keep my SUV (had to sell the beloved SUV). Tell me something good. I hate the van. This only makes me despise it even more.
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poss bad bulb or plug assm is bad. clean lens with soft polishing compound to clear the fog and then coat with armor all. or you can buy a lens cleaning kit at any parts store
Thanks. I've emailed my cousin. She was going to see if her husband can take a look at it. I'll pass this along to him. He keeps their vehicles running forever (he has an 80's Dodge p/u that's still purring). He's also a lineman for the power company, so he's familiar w/electrical components.
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