Q: Left-front Brake Grinding on 2005 Toyota Corolla

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My car started making a scraping noise 4 days ago, when i'd press the brake, and only on the left front drivers side. I thought perhaps i had a rock or something stuck in there since i'd had no prior problems. I took my car to a tire store today. They gave me an estimate of $412.00 claiming that my left brake was metal to metal. When i asked how that could be b/c I hadn't heard a peep from my car until recently, I asked, "Is it possible to skip the squealing brake to grinding metal to metal?" the guy said, "Yeah." So according to them i need to replace my brake, calipers and rotors on both sides. Even though my right caliper and rotor are just fine. I'm just worried that they're trying to rip me off.
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Go to a different shop. You do need to replace rotors in pairs as per safety practices, but I seriously doubt that the calipers are due for replacement. Is this a chain store? There is often no warning when brakes go to metal, a part of the pad often just falls off, when they get thin. They are made of a ceramic, so this is common, when they are thin.
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