Q: Leaks on 2007 Jeep Commander

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My 2007 Jeep Commander leaks through the screw holes in the handle on the upper side of driver and passenger window when it rains. How do I fix it?
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Try unscrewing the hardware and using silicone sealer, let it set up a little before reassemble. Use Permatex Blue Locite on the threads of the hardware to stop them vibrating loose.

Is the water leaking in the door handle if so there are drains in the bottom of the door that are there to allow water to leak out. If the water is leaking in the rook rack rails it needs to be sealed or water will drip from the head lining. If the leak is from the roof area could the sunroof drains be partially plugged or restricted?
If I plug the wholes won't the water just run some were else in the vehicle? Perhaps it may even run into the electrical inside the dash or to the floor and pool and wrought the floor out.