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Q: Leaking small amt of oil and noise underneath on 1999 Honda CR-V

My CR-V is leaking a small amount of oil - Had an accident where I backed into another car. Since the accident, I have heard noises not heard before accident underneath the car. Repairs have been make - Technician at Service King drove it and said it was the struts. What is this? And could this noise been caused by the accident??? The oil leak occurred before accident. I need to have these 2 items checked; just did not want to have someone charge me unnecessarily. Thank You!
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How fast were you going in the accident. The impact would of had to be fairly hard for the struts to become damaged. What kind of noise is heard and when? Over bumps, turning, slow speed, high speed? Is the tech saying you need from or rear stuts? Can you determin if the noise is coming from the front or the rear?
CR-V's can bend the exhaust easily when impacted. It's not unusual to have the muffler and B pipe bend and touch the body causing a loud rattle. This occurs when the car is backed up and the muffler is impacted. You can see tell tale signs by looking at the exhaust pipe/muffler for impact damage. Strut damage usually occurs when the vehicle is hit around the wheel area and the strut is impacted. Although it's possible I would think it's not likely that the struts were damaged when you had your accident unless of course the wheel and suspension area was impacted.
SuperDave - Thanks for response!! You asked how fast I was going - Pretty fast - my driveway slopes steeply upward to hwy - (1 way in-1way out) No one was in driveway when I checked before I began backing. Someone pulled in and I hit them with a pretty hard impact (I was "gunning" to get the CR-V uphill). I feel like the strut(s) was damaged - No prior problem - keep up maintenance - heard NO NOISE until after accident.
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