Q: Leaking hydraulic cylinders on 1999 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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How much would it be to fix the front hydraulic cylinders that work the convertible top? They are the ones that are by the sun visors.
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MR cinfire there is salvation for YOU ! a company in michigan called benzseals will rebuild any MB hydralic top cyl for a VERY reasonable price . and they will replace the seals with Polyurathane seals that will probably NEVER leak again.. ive used this company and u cannot go wrong with them.. new windshiled latches from MB run 250-350 each and the main cyls behind the seats run 800 each the only drawback is they dont have replacement cyls on hand they only rebuild what u send them i think they charge 50 each for top latches and 70 each for main cyls
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