Q: Leaking Brake Fluid Near driver rear brakes on 1997 Cadillac Seville SLS

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There is not a colum for this question. The line is rusting and is leaking. Can you give me an estimate of how much this would cost? It's only about 2 - 3 feet of line that needs replace and it's the line that go's to the rear passenger side brakes. The Labor fee in my area is $65.00 - $70.00 per hour and the 1/4 inch metal tubing shouldn't cost that much.
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Probably 1 to 1.5 hours for replacement and bleed system. How do you know it will not take that long?
I looked at it myself when it was on the rack. It's up in there where the hose is. I'm just not sure how long it may take because of the rust and trying to take it off or cut the bad section may lead to another problem. A good qualified mechanic can probaly do this job in 1 hour. All I know that it shouldn't cost no $200.00 or more to get fixed if I take it to a honest Auto Shop that's not trying to take advantage of a customer.
The fact that there is rust involved means the time for repair can fluctuate accordingly. Have an open mind when thinking about the honest shop, check them out, get references, and be aware that the tech needs to be paid for anything abnormal like rust problems, rust may be normal in your area but no labor guide takes that into consideration. Alot of times the lines are held fast with brackets and standoffs. Rusted too. All has to be considered. The fact that you consider $200 may be too much no matter what would make me shy away from you as a customer. But good luck to you anyways.
Thanks for your honest opinion and information. As a customer no matter what the price I have a choice to decide to get another estimate somewhere else. Mechanics in my area come a dime a dozen and it wouldn't be insulting at all if a shop refuse to do business with me, because I complained about the cost. There is no standard cost for some repairs and some auto repair shops go by the chilton guide for what it may cost for repairs and other just estimate. No matter what the cost I will have it fixed. I was just trying to get some opinions on this site from people who would give me some input on the cost of repair, but there are some factors like rust and getting the old parts to come off this may take a little time or longer than expected. To me its a simple repair compared to engine work like head gaskets ect.
the tubing and a couple of extra fittings you might need from any autoparts store should be no more than 20$.
I can't do it my self, because the car needs to be lifted in the air. One shop gave me an estimate of around $200.00, which includes labor and parts that they make themselfs. I was told it would take 1 hour 1/2 to 2 hours to repair, which Iknow it shouldn't take that long. If I can do it myself I would. There is a bolt connected to the tubing next to the rear tire. I can't see the connection where the leak is. I'm going to get an estimate from Meineke tomorrow. Thanks for your response.
My 2 cents -

There is no labor time standard printed for steel brake line replacement. There is no consistency as to what will need to be done and how the line will have to be shaped, and the ends flared, and so forth. Different cars call for different needs. Good luck!

You absolutely have a right -- and I encourage it!!! - to shop your repair to anyone and everyone. Getting a second opinion can only be beneficial. Be advised that replacing steel brake lines is not a glamorous job, nor a job many techs want to deal with. That coupled with rust and corrosion and the chance further issues may occur - just makes the job unattractive.
Thanks to all for your opinions. I now have a better view of what I'm looking at as far as cost when replacing this brake line. I had 3 estimates and I'm going to take it to Meineke, $65.00 Hr Labor, plus parts. I knew this job would cost somewhere around $200.00 any where there are ceritfied mechanics.
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