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Q: Leak on passanger side floor on 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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6 months after I bought my 2004 TB water began to leak from the passanger floor. I took it to be repaired and again and again the same thing happened. Every time I was given a different reason for why this happened and said that they fixed it. Here I am now 2010 and 2 days ago the same leak again! I'm tired of paying for this repair that has never been fixed especially since it happened 6 months after I purchased it. Please help! Thank you
We are having the same issue with our Trailblazer. I have talked with a few people about it and all have come up with the same conclusion; the AC drain is clogged so all the condesation is draining into the passenger side of the car. I am gonna try and fix it myself and see how hard it is. Here is what I have found: Leading into the firewall on the passenger side is 4 or 5 hoses for the AC. The lower right side looks more like a wire harness, but it is a drain with a small hose about 4" long. The whole outfit pulls out easily, which, if it is like mine, will release a bunch of water. It is a simple fix. For pictures, just ask.
hey can you send me pics I have the same problem my email is thank you for your time!!
can you send pics to me too! I need this resolved before I take a trip to California. Leaked on my suede gucci loafers..not cute! Thanks!
I, too, am having the very same problem! Please send pics, my email is! Thank you so much in advance
Same deal on our '04 TrailSneezer. Please email photos? Thank you!!
I'd love to be included on the picture distribution. Thanks!
Thank you so much! We had the same problem but with your help it was such an easy fix!
Would you please send me the pictures to I am having the same problem, Thank you so much in advance.
I was able to find the 4" hose and it released all the water after I pulled the outfit and now it is working properly, thank you for your assistance.
Thanks for the info, I wish I had read this before I spent about 3 hour trying to find where the leak was. I reached down near the other hoses and there it was. The cap slides off the hose that goes into the firewall. You take that cap off with the small tube attached. As soon as I looked inside the cap/pipe I could see the issue. And yes their was a fair amount of water that did come out of the pipe in the fire wall. Lesson learned check the internet first..
Note: I did not need a picture.
If you have the pic that was talked about in this post for the leak on passenger of trailblazer I would appreciate you send them to me. Thank
Could you please email me pics as well to Same problem on my '04 Trailbrazer! THANKS MUCH!
I have the same problem can you plead send me a picture also. Thanks!!
Hello, I hope you still have the pics...if so will you please send them to me? Thanks so very much!
Hey guys was floating around the interwebs and came across this string. Trailblazer folk, open your hood, and on left side of engine bay under your ac condenser, theres a cluster of hoses and such leading through the firewall. Check the drain hose first before ripping your dash apart. Most likely that 4" little plastic hose is clogged. Reach down and gently pull it off and blow it out, and also give a gentle wiggle to the connection. Yes, this is a common problem. Cheers
Wife is having this problem with her 04 Trailblazer. Can you please send pictures? Thank you!
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