Q: Leak near rear A/C evaporator on 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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After having my a/c system recharged there was a hiss and purple dye coming from the rear evaporator area.

Upon closer inspection it was not coming from evaporator per se but from a junction block of sorts that passes thru the floor where it connects to 2 similar size piping that goes to the front.

The shop says the evaporator needs replacing but I suspect it's "O" rings and/or the connecting mechanism or whatever that junction block is.

The compressor was changed-out but it wouldn't cool front or back. Any thoughts?
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From your description and the signs of leak detection dye at the junction block I suspect it is the sealing "O-Rings" that are the source of the leak. I presume the same repair shop has done all the repairs, perhaps they are gun shy and want to be sure they will repair your air conditioning problems once and for all.
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