Q: leak from front differential on 1995 Geo Tracker

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my 95 geo tracker is leaking front diff. fluid. can't tell exactly where because it's running along k-member. looks like is coming from a seal where the front drive shaft is connected. anyone have any ideas or suggestions...and if it is the seal, how difficult is it to swap out.
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It shouldn't be too hard. Remove the front driveshaft, matchmark it with a punch or some paint before you do because it should be reattached in the same position to the flange later for the sake of balance. You'll see a nut retaining the drive flange. You need to matchmark the nut (use a punch and hammer, don't fail to get this right) and the pinion shaft it's on so you can adjust it to the exact same position when you reinstall it, its tightness is what sets up the pinion bearings' preload so this is very important. Then you can remove the flange and replace the seal. Clean up the sealing area of the flange and reinstall it with a little grease where the flange goes through the seal. Reinstall the nut in exactly the same position as before. If the pinion bearings are then too loose or too tight, you didn't get the nut on right. BTW, I use a little Loctite on the threads to ensure the nut's security. Reinstall the driveshaft in the same position as before, top up the diff and you're good to go.
thanks...been sidetracked so i haven't done it yet, but will tackle this weekend...does the flange have to be pulled with a special puller? or does it just pull off by hand? thanks much.