2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Questions

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I have a message special program system and ac blower motor not working and perform self test thur navigation screen got code tv/rse video input failure
The AC is not as cold as it used to be
On the dashboard I'm receiving an error code that states there is a 'special systems failure'. What could this mean?
Don't know if anyone have any more advice for me would appreciate it before i do anything stupid ....... Think it's the shift nob..... Not sure
It is so cold in Seattle now and my 2006 Range Rover does not have heat on the driver side. Only the passenger side vent has a little heat coming out through it. I have been trying all possibilities and nothing is working.

Any solution?

I just replaced both front air suspension and still the same problem and the right side seen to be weak than the left side also the suspension fault yellow
light come on and off
Hello everyone again,
My sport LR 2006 makes a ticking sound when i use the brakes (As if two pairs of steel are touching" I changed the brakes it got less noisy, and then in a week time the ticking sound came back again. Any ideas?
Many thanks! :)
Hi everyone,
MY Sport LR 2006 shows a message when i turn it on ONLY that says "Low Coolant Level". I put the "Blue" water and it is never below level. What else could it be?
Many thanks for your kind replies.
Please give any suggestions or comments.. Rather night go to the dealer.
Its a yellow light that comes on infrequently and doesn't allow me to adjust trucks height. Drives the same but it's annoying.
Im not sure what kind they are, but I am wanting to take them off. I took the cross bars off with a key that I have to take the, off but the ones on the side are still there. I was told that if i take those off i will have holes from the screws. Are there black covers that can go along on the side to cover where the rack was?
need to know how to get around that
When I drive my 06 Range Rover Sport. I get a message that reads Leans in turn. And the amber suspension light comes on. What does this mean?
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