2008 Land Rover Range Rover Questions

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Electrical System Fault
I am having some problems with my 2008 range . It started with the Tire Pressure warning light turning on. Then I would see a Tire Pressure Monitoring Fault while driving down the road and on the stereo I see something like Vehicle Fault: System is shutting down. Then the stereo and heat and Dashboard shut down. Then when I got back home and put the car in park, I got a Parking Break Fault message and the parking break light started blinking.

Any ides as to how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any help.

When car is turned off and parking light is blinking on dash, car will not start up. Parking light eventually shuts off and after car sits for a while it will start up normally with no dashboard warnings or anything. I have driven the car about 15 minutes before all the error messages mentioned

above come on in the ve
When I get the message.. "limit - - - mph" what do I do?
brake light on at dash-replaced rear brake pads-light still on
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