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What parts would cause severe operating issues on Rangerover04 when i struck a object in road It leaked out oil- all of it. Pan doesnt seem to have hole in it....Hoses look loose near oil coolant hose area...It ran perfect prior to this incident. I am lost as to what it is...mechanic said engine is shot from no oil from incident.
rangerover HSE model.
I ran over large large debris in road, Oil leaked out from some hose it
seemed...Wont drive, engine locked up, oil pan seems fine...what could a large
object being run over cause to hoses or major engine issues....It drove fine
until I hit object.-Please help
The Limit mph notice just appeared. I dont notice anything wrong.
Transfer box going in and out low range on its own. Dash reads transfer box neutral engine failsafe mode.
It started with letting someone used vehicle and they ran out of gas they then told me the gas tank they used found out it had urine and gas mixed!! So I then filled it with gas and fuel injection cleaner and stalled. I kept trying to start it till battery finally died.. I parked it for a week and then changed the battery and now I can only turn the key and gives one loud click as if the starter is turning and hitting hard but no crank. I did notice that the doors didn't lock it unlock anymore even my lock button inside doesn't work. Checked all fuses and all look good. I could hear a relay in back clicking when I turn the key and right now it's only vehicle and going thru a divorce so money on hold in a way!! Please help asap! Thank you...
My 04 HSE shows a check coolant light. I can't get the cap in the reservoir to budge. The engine is cold. Righty tighty lefty Lucy right?
The inside of my range is sagging down- the cloth- it almost touches my husband's head how much will it cost to change it and why does that occurred?
I have a 2004 range rover hse I bought from carson cars about 1year and 3 months ago its been great I had a guy check it out when I bought it and he said there's an exhaust leak anyway I let my girlfriends niece drive it and she accidently turned the hdc on and it went out and ever since then ive been having problems and now the car starts up loud and if I eccelereate the rpm dhoots up to 4 and mph wont go past 30-33 mph. can somebody identify the problem
still getting the check engine light? why?
Not sure what's the problem this time.... Also I need to find out where can I purchase a new volume button RR 2004
The knocking noise seems to last just a few seconds after the start up but then quiets down.
The fold in feature doesn't work as well. It folds in but wont stay in.
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