2000 Land Rover Range Rover Questions

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The tachometer or rpm is working on the dash but not the speedodmeter so could it be a fuse but the abs light comes on when first cranked but then goes off.
I replace the ecu fan which was the other code that's fine now. That would of pop at 2000 degrees. Engine temp.. Replace the break switch. Saved the old cause I figured it was fine break lights work all the bulbs are good and correct. Wondering if I should replace the trans case motor after checking the wires.. Oh yeah traction control light is on and the abs not worried about the abs won't fail emission just need the p1703.
my cars electric air suspension isn't lifting the truck up and it started by the driver side sagging but it would level when I turned the car on now it' tries but nothing
right and the tires skips as turns and backup, this happens all the time.
I thought it was the starter, I changed that with a new starter still nothin ,all it does is make a clicking sound inside of the truck
Drove the vehicle on the highway and went past 50 mph. It is supposed to lower at this speed but stood in the up position. Now it only lowers at park. Do the air suspension struts need to be replaced?
EAS fault light lite,suspension dropped to curb level what causes this problem
I brokedown on the freeway in the rain the day after Mother's Day and had my car towed to a dealer. The Alternator & Serpentine Belt were replaced, but the squeaky, scraping sounds beneath the car still exist when I make a left turn. On my invoice, it also indicated that there is a LEFT AIR SPRING LEAK. I just forked out $1200 for the alternator and belt, how much would a left air spring leak cost to repair?
Unable to release door despite disabling electronics.Has anybody experienced this regardless year of landrover?
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