1999 Land Rover Range Rover Questions

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My idle Control motor stays running after the key is out the ignition and it drains the battery to the point it won't start no more
Drive to work fine. Got ready to leave and it will turn over but won't start.
I'm in Pagosa Springs, Co and have no clue where to go to get it checked out
in the fluid and it has turned to a pink type liquid. Yhe check engine light has come on.
Sometime when I push on the brakes the pedal stops at midway...other times I have to push it almost to the floor. When the pedal stops midway the longer I have my foot on the pedal it will eventually go all the way to the floor. Cause and cure?
I have a 99 Range rover. I'm seriously considering purchasing a chunkier tire for the truck. Like general tire grabber or nitto terra grappler. They have thicker treading. My concern is if go up a size(current tire is 255/55-18) in height will that have a negative effect with the tire touching or rubbing against the tire well?

I just purchased a used 99 Range Rover. Im not crazy about the EAS on it. I like my Suv to have some height.
Would it be wise to invest in spring coils? And if so would it lead any errors/problems with system. Basically what are pros and cons of EAS or Coil spring susp.
Thanks for any advise!

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