1997 Land Rover Range Rover Questions

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I have a battery drain and heard it could be the issue. I was wondering if some one can give me idea where the radio antenna is. So I can disconnect the rf antenna.
I changed the brake pads and rotors. I also changed the the tight ends inner and outer. Why ?? I brake am l getting wobble at 45 mph-higher....
When I compress my brakes, the pedal goes about half way down and then feels like it pops and stops harshly. I think maybe the brakes need to be changed but I'm not sure.
1997 range rover 4.6 hse.
blem it also burnt out when you open the pump the armture is burnt
It has no major accidents. But I'm worried major problems are about to occur, and I'm wondering whether I should just sell it now before the bottom falls out. What is the likelihood this car, compared to the average car, will run well for the next 50K miles with minimal expense?
what is the labor time on a head gasket job on the 4.6 liter engine
I drove my truck to work and when I got off I started the truck and it would not go into any gear. However, when I would move the gear shift from park to drive and then back to park, the gears would make a grinding sound.
where is the cam shaft se4nsor on my 97 reange rover 4.6l
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