2006 Land Rover LR3 Questions

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2006 Lr3 Land Rover, Brake light is on an not working, suspension is lowered and cruise control not working. When I turn teh wheels all the way left and right and restart the car, lights go off for a little, then back on.
I need to change the fuel pump, but there are two types the WGS500051 for old style gas tanks, or the LR016845 for the updated gas tank. How can I tell which one I need.
Light on, suspension dropped, brakes shake bad, front seat control quit
Driving down a long hill, backing off the excelerator, results in Message Center displaying ENGINE PERFORMANCE REDUCED message; also frequently getting a Message Center message of CRUISE CONTROL NOT AVAILABLE
Want to know if it's the tramission or if the fluid is low??
After driving for 5 miles transmission will not go out over overdrive, shows "F'" on the gear setting on dash. when coming to a stop then taking off it hits hard in 1st gear, check engine light is on, codes P0741, P0783 and P0729. What am I looking at?
Hi, everyone!
I own a LR3 2006 HSE, recently showed an amber light with a warning message on the dashboard about a suspension faulwt where only can drive on normal height mode. The car was scanned and these are all the fault codes found: U0122, U0402, U0418, U0421.
Please, could you help me to identify where is the problem and how to fix it?
The amber light appear just after the reparation of the air compressor (just was changed the complete compressor repair kit)

Thanks in advance!
Worked fine yesterday. Heavy rain last night sunroof left partially open. Water on center console
the dash board is reading -623
Occurs everytime during low rpm and stopped. Had spark plugs, new throttle body, fuel injectors cleaned.
Hi, G'day!
Please, could you inform at how many km recommend to replace the timing chain?
Thanks in advance!
I purchased recently an LR3 2006 and now are lighting a check engine warning in Amber color, was scanned and results could be problems with elimination of the fuel vapor, the fuel cap is ok and well locked, I'm suspecting could be will be necessary to replace the canister, please advise and provide an estimated cost.
Thanks in advance!
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