2009 Land Rover LR2 Questions

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Has 135,000 mi.
oil level fine
I think the sensor got wet. I didn't submerge it. It was like 4in. Of water but I was goin fast enough that water came over the hood and splashed along the side. Also someone told me let the sensor dry out it'll be fine.
We are a 2 rover family (both 2009 LR2 HSE). If the cars sit for a while (say, while on vacation) and you come to start them:
1) Fob will not unlock doors (must open with key portion)
2) Vehicle "rejects" fob when you try to insert it
3) Vehicle will not start without a boost
The nanosecond that the positive pole receives the booster cable, the vehicle goes into "panic" mode (flashing and honking)and then you can insert the fob and start the vehicle.
This is insane - it can't be an identical fault on TWO vehicles?
I travel a lot for business and can't constantly be worrying that when I come home to park & fly say, in Jan or Feb - I live in Toronto!) that my car won't start! Jeez - my $9,000 Toyota Tercel never let me down.... Any comments, guys?
I wear my seatbelt almost all the time but sometimes I do forget. This is more for when I have a passenger that doesn't wear their seatbelt and sometimes if I have my backpack or a gallon of water that I'm bringing to work it chimes and drives me crazy.
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