2004 Land Rover Freelander Questions

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Turns over great but will not start. Checked for spark at cylinders#1&2 and determined it has no spark. Fuel pump comes on. Replaced cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor. All 6 coils packs are about 6 months old. Checked all fuses under hood and in glovebox. I had noticed a stall in the engine going from reverse to drive at acceleration on occasion.
P1160 2x's
P1132 2x's
P0171 2x's
04 freelander 2.5L the engine fuse blows and ignition coil for cyl#4 gets hot and melts
when i test driver circuit middle wire w/test light to pos. it powers up the ecm w/ koeo
never seen coil melt before.
replaced head gaskets, replace crank sensor, not running hot or leaking. was running good month ago, fuel pump r&r and filter changed out coil plug no. 1 still no spark from number 1 .
I'd like to replace them with extractors twin pipes cobys and mufflers
i replaced the two vis motors and there was motor oil inside the intake not sure what is causing that can anyone help the codes are still on
I replaced the window regulators on a Landrover Freelander and after i was done working on the regulator and I attached the switch and connectors back in place my vehicle began to lose power. So I know there is a short circuit somewhere. I read after the fact that it was due to not disconnecting the Negative terminal. So what I started doing was that I would just charge the battery and the issue would disappear for months. The problem is back now but i need to recharge every other day or when it is below freezing. I am considering replacing the power window switches, connectors, and possibly the module for the Driver's side which is where i did all my work.

My second problem is that I had my friend help me charge my car and he connected the jumper cables to the wrong post. Causing my battery to die. I purchased a new one and when I attempt to start the vehicle the only thing that happens is that it wants to start but never engages the motor.

I've checked all fuses and inside the car and under the hood and they all are good.
rear window regulator worked fine when replaced. battery went flat and the window hasn't worked right ever since. have tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. window goes up about 4 to 5 inches and then motors right back down. motor seems to move very freely.
just need to get it through mot then will get it looked at
Thermostat housing separated after two weeks of adding coolant to reservoir.
had leak and it was traced to this cause. The housing plus other parts needed to be replaced. What should this cost at a commercial repair business?
this tiny rubber 'ring' shaped oblong fits neatly into the front assembly of the a/c compressor.
compressor works great but this little rubber seal/gasket is broken in two places. again this rubber/seal gasket is about 1/8inch in cylindrical thickness, fits into a groove on the compressor then the head of the compressor assembly is attached w/ 2 screws, the pressure hose comes in to this head.

Just need to replace this rubber gasket/seal. Have pics...any ideas?
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