2002 Land Rover Discovery Questions

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I want to know if it is possible for a do it yourself guy to replace power steering pump. It could be a leaking hose also?
oil changed 3 months ago , I have driven 3000 miles
my next oil change was set for 160,000 on my spedo.

but my spedo changed to 256,679 on its own . now I know I have not driven that much in 3 months.
and can show all other oil changes the past year or so .

what happend?

also I have 3 lights that cam up on my dash at the same time.
ABS, TC , And a light with a picture showing my truck going down hill with a "line underit"

Power steering is fine during city driving, but if i go over speeds of 60 miles/h, when i exit the highway, the engine has a noticable whine, and steering is a little difficult

2002 discovery 2 with V8 gas engine: Every time I try to start engine, I have to crank the for 10sec or more, then turn completely off and crank again until it starts. Very embarrassing at the gas station. Not sure if these engines have fuel pressure regulator or what could be causing the problem. It sounds like a fuel problem but I am not sure where to start
All the dash lights come on and are blinking
the door wouldn't open when the interior switch was pushed, and in trying to open it (so i could fill up! lol), the plastic tab on the door itself came off. I have no idea how it fits back on, or whether it's been damaged (looks ok). That said if i could get it back on correctly the switch isn't working, how can i trouble shoot this problem so i can replace whatever needs replacing????
And it slow pulling off what is it
Purchased a 2002 Discovery. Switches on console to move seats are missing. Can I manually somehow override and move seat forward or Back. Thx
injection check and the engine diagnostic show nothing and it's
still running slow.
and the car is still running slow. Can you help me . Thank you.
While driving smelt heat. Then saw smoke. Pulled over right then. Saw flames coming from middle console before I could even get my seatbelt off. Got out and it's a total loss. Whole thing went up in flames. Would like to know if this has happened before. And if they know what caused it.
When making a right turn or driving over a rough/bumpy piece of road, the traction control system slows the car down (light comes on the dash board too). Has anyone else experienced this and/or know of the reason and the solution?
Many thanks.
My car was left when I went home for the holidays. Came back and my car was completely dead. The only thing that I can do is unlock and lock it manually. This is my first car so I am worried sick. Waiting on AAA to get here to help but so anxious to know what's going on.
a/c on 02 disco shuts off,then comes back on. Began 3days ago. On a 45min drive, occurs 3 to 4 times.
The ignition is out and we now need to start the vehicle
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