2001 Land Rover Discovery Questions

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Car gas been running fine, no problems. Checked the battery, it's charged; oil is full & clean; has plenty of gas. When I turn the key it sounds great as if it's gonna start, but it doesn't! HELP! It's such a good solid car truly w/o problems!!
Not sure where to plug in a tester to see where the problem would be
But no water in the oil or spark plugs. Do you think this is a blown head gasket or cracked head or What?
Land Rover is overheating after replace thermostat, there's no water in my oil, and when I look under the hood after running it a bit there's a little smoke coming from my exhaust pipe that connects to the motor located right in the center under the engine , is that a blown head? What do I do? I can't afford that type of mechanic work
the leak is behind the engine near the transmission. Its running down this black cylindrical object. Any ideas as to where its coming from or where i should start my search before i drop the gas tank??
these lights are the large off road lights not my lower fog lights which work fine
the tumblers in the ignition switch are sprung and now my car wont start. got a new key maid and still it wont turn on how do you remove the ignition switch from steering column i need a diagram of how to remove it
Left front Window had been working sporadically and was slow. Then it stopped altogether. Right front continued to work. I hear a click coming from box behind glove box, the ECM?
Is this a relay switch in side the box? Or does the entire box need to be replaced?
Window had been working sporactically. Now it's down and will not go up. I hear a click coming from box behind glove box.
Is this a relay switch in side the box?
Entered vehicle and my control panel was lite up with NO key inserted. Inserted key, lights went out, battery dead.
Is this a sign of a charging problem or a battery problem? or both?
i have code p o305 detected
I hooked up the blower motor directly to the battery and it worked, I get 12 volts on the motor plug, all fuses,relays, and connectors are good, so what could be the problem?
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