1999 Land Rover Discovery Questions

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What are the torque specifications for the intake manifold gaskets on a 4.0 1999 Land Rover Discovery
Everything powers up,but no crank
The Land Rover discovery has 4 oxygen sensors. I changed 3 of them but on the front driver side one I just can not get the socket on there. Is there another way of doing this or do I need to come up from under which means i will have to take lots of parts off.
Is this a common problem to this car and what is the most common solution. Is there a way to test the motor for the sunroof or could it be the switch?
What is wrong and how can I fix whatever is wrong. The brakes seem to work fine and when I try to read the codes I get nothing.
engages and disengages. Tried new relays, no help
Wood the 1997 front shaft fit the front shafts for 2000 land rover disco.'s 1&2?
I have a 1999 Land Rover which I just bought. Ran fine until it blew a fuse (which we changed) hasn't been running hardly at all since. I can start it somedays but wouldn't trust it to drive. The check engine light is on when started and right before you start it. Now the Manual mode and Sport mood lights are on so when I went to the manual that came with the car when it was first bought on '99 it tells me that it indicates an electrical fault with the automatic gearbox. Really don't want to go spend a lot of money seeing a repair when it has this many miles trying to do it on my own. Please help!
It seems ok when I let it run and then it starts smoking
The control on the steering column will not engage.
Please help have problems with over heating .please help.
fault code PO307 appears after 30 min travel
With my truck turned off the dipstick reads over full. I start it and run it and then check the fluid level while running and it reads empty on the dipstick. I keep pouring in fluid and I can here a sound in the dipstick hole that sounds like a quiet garbage disposal sucking down the fluid. But will not read on the dipstick while running. Apparently I put to much fluid in it now. Because It started burning smoke out the exhaust as I put the last quart of transmission fluid in. Now with the truck off it reads way up towards the top of the stick. But when running it reads empty still. I need help quickly.
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