1998 Land Rover Discovery Questions

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I have a 99 land rover that has no power to the fuel pump either just wondering if the 98 and 99 have the same system
Fuse is ok. Relays at pass kick panel all the same.Dont know which one to change.I Have battery voltage.I have voltage at purple n white now.Only when cranking.Pump was just changed.No voltage at the reset.It cranks but nothing else. Please help??
However,there is no power from purple and white at the pump. What could be my problem?? fuses tested ok.Where is the fuel pump relay??Which one is it. There are several. Car cranks but wont run.Please help.I found the pump reset on the firewall.I need power to the pump.
My 98 rover discovery wont start
The fuel pump tested w 12v. It works.All wires have power except the purple and white at the pump.What could be my problem and which relay is the fuel pump relay. There are several.Im thinking bad ground. Please help. No power fuses ok.
It occurs every time I start out
The wire on the sensor is BK, red, yellow and white and the plug got loose and the wires have different colores
inertia switch is good, and all fuses and relays good...
Ongoing problem. Car stalls, and is not getting fuel to pump. Replaced pump and car ran for a week. It has stalled again multiple times and taken to dealership each time. Finally after keeping for over a month, the dealership said it was a connector on harness. They did't replace anything, just messed with connector and it ran for about 6 months. Now, the problem is back. What connector might this be? Dealership was extremely vague when I picked the car up and I do not want to have to tow it back again.
I believe my oil pump is gone, is it a costly expense if I go ahead and have it fixed, I don't know what to do and I am not a mechanic...I need advice. The Land Rover has 161,000 miles and is starting to show a little rust so I do not know if it is worth it??? I appreciate any advice... Mike S.
The driver seat works to all positions except going back
i buy a new brake switch and i replace it but still no move from parking..... and second problem i try to lock the doors on the car and the centralized system not work and the hazard lights start and i dont know what is the problem....
if somebody know hat is the problem????
thank you
the oil light started to come on after a 20 min. drive. checked oil..plenty. Now there is a loud knocking when driving and oil light comes on after 2-3 minutes! help
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