1996 Land Rover Discovery Questions

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It was sitting for some time when I bought it .... battery is not fully charged right now butt I'm getting good power thru the dash lights it seems .

Tps shows wide open all the time
Back fires when running
Low rpms when at a idle

Also have checked all the sensors out of the car and they seemed to be working .
I have this problem periodically; the only resolution so far is time. I really would like an answer, as I sometimes have to leave the keys in the LR overnight, which puts it at risk of being stolen.
The word "code" shows on my LR. I bought it about 2 months ago, and would like to listen to the stereo.
This happens about 50% of the time and is putting my vehicle at risk of being stolen!
What else would cause this issue. Oil leak seems to be coming from the top end. Also has bad blow by? Please help..
when i am driving it flickers on and off would it be a loose brake light bulb
I have done all I can but it seems the light just keep light up. I need to do a state inspection but can not get it done with the light on. Need your help please. Thank you kindly.
i had my air conditioner checked out ,all is good cools good,they diagnose my problem being in the switch on the dash,i have to replace the whole air switch unit,question,is it hard to do,can a novice like me do it?
i put a new fule pump in my land rover,the guage does not go all the way up to the full mark,is there an adjustment that i should have been aware of on the full pump itself,for instance the float,i notaced there was a guage like thing on the top of the float,e-mail

I am trying to remove the front grill to check fluid leakage.
can i get a vechile book on parts and motor for my land rover 1996
put new water pump, themerst... was running okay but when its parked at a red light it starts over heating..
i get out put more ant-freeze 50/50 and it will be okay then it will do it again every time i am stopped
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