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Land Rover Range Rover Sport (5 Reviews)
Have had this car almost 5 years. Great car to drive, very comfortable on long trips, BUT ...
Very poor quality vehicle. 10 trips back to the dealer for warranty work, often for similar or related problems. Now off warranty, still having problems. Check engine lite on, back-up camera not working (repaired more than once under warranty.) Wonder if it's worth fixing anymore. Very expensive to repair, considering trading it in for something better. Range Rover America recommended an extended warranty (I guess that is their way of making their problem mine, at my cost). I would expect much better performance, reliabliity and service for an expensive high end vehicle. Would not recommend this vehicle.
Great SUV never had any problems with my Range Rover Sport. I love it !!
Rear differential just replaced under warranty at 33K miles. If it had been out of warranty it would have been $4000.00 for electronic locking rear diff. Not sure if I am going to keep Truck past 50K warranty period. Thought about buying extended warranty but they $5000.00 for 1 more year of driving in my case.
I recently purchased this vehicle used. I love it so far.
watch out for the coil packs on this truck. There are eight of them and they are expensive