Land Rover Range Rover Sport Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Land Rover Range Rover Sport

2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
1 answer
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$481 to $1,173
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$225 to $825
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$80 to $112
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$264 to $453
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$87 to $179

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The parking brake may develop a screeching noise or fail to release. Our technicians tell us the is commonly caused by the parking brake cable being out of adjustment or failure of the parking break actuator. Cable adjustment and/or actuator replacement would be necessary to correct this concern.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport vehicles were shipped with a Hitachi air suspension compressor, which wears out prematurely, causing the air suspension to become disabled since it cannot pressurize the system within the calibrated time frame. If the fault becomes active when the suspension is at "normal" height, the suspension is locked, preventing it from raising or lowering with a warning message "Normal Height Only". If the suspension is low...

A clunk type noise may be noted while turning left or right at slow speeds. Our technicians tell us this noise is commonly caused by the intermediate steering shaft, a revised intermediate shaft is available to correct this concern.

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Going through car wash have water leaking through sunroof.

The vehicle will start and run as it should. The instruments will simply just turn off and on at random times. I have had it in the shop several times and they cannot figure it out. On occasion the screen when its working will display transmission fault.

Range rover agency could not find the problem

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The second row seat back may not latch properly, especially in the center section. Dealers will inspect the second row seat mechanism and replace it as required free of charge to resolve the concern.

The air bag indicator lamp function is not properly described in the owners manual. Land Rover will send out an owner's manual supplement to all affected owners free of charge to resolve the concern.

The vehicle doors may unlatch unexpectedly when closed. Dealers will update the keyless entry software free of charge tor resolve the concern.

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Rear differential just replaced under warranty at 33K miles. If it had been out of warranty it would have been $4000.00 for electronic locking rear diff. Not sure if I am going to keep Truck past 50K warranty period. Thought about buying extended warranty but they $5000.00 for 1 more year of driving in my case.

I recently purchased this vehicle used. I love it so far.

watch out for the coil packs on this truck. There are eight of them and they are expensive

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