Q: knocking sound in the front drivers side on 2004 Honda Pilot

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I am hearing a knocking sound in the front drivers side, it gets worse when I make a left turn.
(5) Answers
It's difficult to diagnose noises without actually driving the car. I don't see any real issues with Pilots making knocking noises from the front end area. If it happens consistently I would recommend a road test with a technician to try to get it diagnosed.
Did you ever figure out what the issue was? I have an '04 Pilto and im hearing a clikcing noise coming from teh front driver/passenger side. At first it wasnt very loud of often and now its gettign loudaer and more frequent. At first i though it could be a broken CV boot etc... but after more research one of my buddies(Honda parts guy) says it could be transfer case needing a flush. Can thuis be it? If so, where teh hell is this notorious transfer case? I seen something in the inner left wheel well that looks like it can be flushed, it has a drain and fill plug with 10mm nuts, but im not touching it untill i know for sure. What type of fluid should i use? 80-90 or simply Honda VTM fluid?
If you experience the noise while taking full turn,your car may have problem with drive shaft.for front transfer case you can use 80 w 90 oil.
After a year and a half and 15000 miles it still sounds the same and it never happens when a tech test drives it.