Q: knocking sound in gear only (twice as fast in forward as reverse) on 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

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Oh no... might be a software update needed, but that is just wishful thinking... hope that it is an exhaust leak... also wishful thinking... what do you think?
How many thousands do you estimate to repair the transmission?
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To remove transmission and associated parts, flush cooler lines about 8 hours labor, transmission overhaul will vary in cost depending on warranty I believe a "new" unit from Honda is about $3500.

Independent shops are getting more training/experience on these cars. Try calling around and find a independent Honda/Acura shop in your area call them an ask if they have replaced a transmission in a Civic yet. Call Mr Jack Rosebro
1546 S Bedford St. #6, Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA
Phone Number 310-383-4800 He is the leading Honda Hybrid trainer, call him see if he has trained any one in your area he could recommend (he's a great guy, very smart)
I was pretty sure it sounded like I needed an overhaul or replacement.
I hope It can be rebuilt... yet more wishful thinking.
$3500 sounds about right, plus labor and fluids for a new one... i guess add another two thousand for the labor et al... because no warranty on this one.
Sound right?
The rest of the car works perfectly with no other major repairs and I plan on keeping it a long time.
I drove the hell out of the car on the interstate highways and have about 150,000 miles on it now, so I am going to grit my teeth and bear the cost.
Are independent shops getting better at working on Honda hybrids these days? When I first took it to an independent shop in 2007 they threw up their hands and said go to the dealership please.
The Honda dealership will kill me with it's repair prices, I'm afraid.
Thanks again for the info.

Thanks for the great reply... I'll give Mr. Rosebro a call to see what he has to say.