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Q: knocking sound coming from left wheel on 1995 Nissan Maxima

i hear a knocking sound coming from my left wheel what could it be?
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It is hard to guess at the cause of a noise without seeing a car first hand. A "knocking" sound heard on tight turns (more of a click, click, click sound that increases with the speed of a turn) could be a worn CV joint as your car is front wheel drive.
A knocking sound that you may experience when driving over bumps or uneven road surface may be caused by worn shock absorbers, shock absorber/suspension strut mounts, or sway bar end links.
The 'knocking sound" could even be brake pads shifting about in the brake caliper mount if the noise is experienced during brake application. At any rate it is safest to have the car inspected by an automotive technician for your safety, peace of mind, and to lessen potential damage.
You should get this checked out immediately. This happened to me on my Isuzu Rodeo nd a few weeks after it started it suddenly got worse for a moment and then the whole wheel rim and all fell off my vehicle while going down the freeway! Make sure its not bored out holes on the rim or even just loose lug-nuts. Either way could be extremely dangerous. There are other things that could cause this, but you should definitely get it looked at...
I had a knocking sound that started innocently on my 2007 Toyota Camry and after two days, it got worse. I thought it might be the CV joint and was waiting to get to a mechanic on Monday. In doing some research I came across answer #2 and then checked my lug nuts. Much to my surprise, 4 of 5 lug nuts on my right front tire were loose. I had gotten new tires about three weeks ago.
If you hear a knocking that gets worse pretty quickly, you should check the lug nuts.
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