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Q: knocking or clunking noise coming from in back of the firewall driver's side. on 1998 Ford Windstar

The clunking noise is intermittent but happens almost every day. The noise is coming from directly behind the firewall on the driver's side, where the pedals are located. Front struts were replaced last week but did not resolve the issue. Ford Dealer states they cannot find the problem. Noise sounds like something is loose and knowing against another part under the car. The clunking noise can be felt as well and is driving me crazy! Please Help!
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Could you give more info like when it happens, accel, decel, apply brakes, turning left, turning right, smooth road, rough road, cold engine, warm engine, etc....
Thanks for responding. The knocking noise happens at lows speeds such as going thru a parking lot as well as main roads going 50 miles an hour. It happens when I accelerate, decelerate, brake, does not matter. It happens when the car is on a smooth, straight surface, turning, does not matter. There are times when I can go to work in the morning, a distance of about 11 miles on regular, straight roads and there is no noise at all. However, coming home using the same route in the afternoon, the knocking noise sounds like the front end is going to fall out. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it does or does not happen. The Ford Tech tore the strut towers apart yesterday and could find nothing, the struts were replaced last week. ANY thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! By the way, the car has less than 110,000 miles on the odometer if that helps.
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