Q: knocking or clicking noise when accelerating or turning on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Whenever i accelerate a little hard, it has this knocking noise coming from the front right side that can be felt in the floor. Also sometimes when im turning it will make the same noise but not as loud or with as much force as before it used to only do it every once in a while but now it does it almost all the time when i accelerate and about half the time when turning. From what ive seen with problems like this before its best to fix immediately rather than later. I really want help with this one cause i cant narrow down what it could be. Help?
(2) Answers
This sounds like a u-joint, or a CV joint. Depends on which type your vehicle has. These joints are part of the axles, so get those checked out.
either a cv shaft or your sprockets bad in your transfer case. with the quadratrack theres a slipper clutch that engages when the back wheels spin.this clutch turns a sprocket and chain that turns your front axle. i pulled mine out and had it rebuilt for 250