2016 Kia Sportage Questions

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Tire blew, wiring harness came off...all warning lights are on. Where does the harness go?
The oil leak has been around for about 2 months. The white smoke started yesterday around noon. The smoke stopped once but then returned. I havent run the car longer than 5 min. since it started smoking. coolent is full. Topped off on engine oil. salt water smell with the smoke.
ive noticed at high speeds, or passing a truck or driving along side a wall, I hear a vibration.. Upon inspection the retainers for the rear wheel wells are not very tight and it appears that the noise is coming from the wheel wells when I am doing any of the above type of driving.. can anyone help? are there better retainers to purchase?
I have a problem of my car almost stalling when I go from a stop to turn left. It worries me that I am going to get hit. it happens around 5 to 6 times a week. took it to Kia they said they could not find anything. said I need to learn to work with Sensor because different than cable accelerator.
it seems to stall when I take off to make a left turn. this is scary because it does not happen all the time. it seems to happen when I turn take off from a stop. I have asked Kia they say I need to learn to work with the sensor. but seems something Is wrong and when you turn across traffic and it feels your car is going to quit on you. it happens 5 to 6 times a week.
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