2011 Kia Sportage Questions

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Parked kia sportage, no problems, Would not start next morning, change batteries in key fores, still will not start. Message states use while system running to avoid batter discharge.
The exterior handle does not open the latch from the outside. I can get out, (the interior handle works as expected) and the button for the smart key works as usual. I took it in to have it checked out, they say the DSS F door latch assembly is faulty. Is this normal? Kinda pricey at about $480 but crawling over the console is getting old. The car is out of warranty, but still good. Thoughts?
cold air on right hot on left checket all working blend acovater
On start up you have to exselirat and keep it there , under a 1000 rpm it shakes and die.The engine light comes on shortly after it started and the car have no power.The local Kia Mechanic suspected the camshaft position sensor , but he wants to strip the engin open to replace it , this do not sound wright . ? Pleaes assist.
Whining noise gets louder the faster you go and comes from the torque converter driveplate area of the engine-tranny. Checked tranny fluid and filter is internal in this transmission. 115,000 miles on it.
was told it was the heasat shield over the catalytic converter that was contracting. was told this is common. I don't think so because I can hear it with the radio on and windows down. Never heard this from any car before and no one has ever heard of this
when I slow down speed in the traffic jam the car start to vibrate but that is gone when I accelerate ?? What is the reason and how can I solve it.

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Keyless entry not working also
Why does it come on and when trying to start it, sounded like a flat battery?
My AC was due for routine service. Prior to taking it for routine service i blews cool air/and then would blow hot air. I thought after the routine service it would work better, it hasn't.
When should I have it changed whichever one it is?
the compressor will go off and start blowing warm air then after a while it will kick back on and so on , the low and high pressure are good and I replaced the inline compressor switch , I was told their was a temp sensor by the evaporator could that be the problem ?
I got a brand new Kia sportage 2010-2011 from an authorise dealer, 3months later took it in 4 servicing & a flooding hit the Kia dealer garage, the car was 80% covered in mud dirty water 4 24 hrs. Is the car drivable & safe. What is the extent of damage? They say it is repairable I don't want it. What are my options?h
Does the regular 5 year warantee cover brake drum and fuel pump on 2011 KIA sportage
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