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I have a 2007 Kia Sportage. It was raining today, but my car drove fine. When I exited the highway I had to stop at the stoplight, however I couldn't help but brake hard. There was some grinding and sliding. But not too bad, so I thought. When I accelerated no issue. But the first thing to go was air conditioner. I didn't think much of it besides that my air conditioner went. After driving for awhile, my car started making rattling noises. When accelerating it gets louder. When I'm not accelerating, its a bit more quiet but not by much. I don't know what to do. I have a wedding coming up and I would hate to have to get money from that pot just to play the guessing game. Please help me.
Everytime I crank my car it begins to shake and rattle. Then it cuts off.
I've replaced the ABS unit master cylinder brake booster and still no brakes my calipers the Pistons will not even move inside them and slowly wheel them nothing is working
Replaced master cylinder, abs pump, and even with no tires on and car is on jack stands, the brakes will not even attempte to work, the petal feels decent at times but still always go to floor, I've bleed and bleed brakes will not work
Just asking for preventive maintenance. When does the timing belt need to be changed—2007 Kia sportage
Washer bottle is full
how do you replace the turn signal switch on a 2007 kia sportage
how do you replace the turn signal flasher relay on the 2007 kia sportage
have puttering issues when car is running and when idle, plenty of gas, good battery and engine, seems like it is going to die but when give gas it goes..suggestions?
Nothing happens when turn key but after a few times starts
It only happens after fueling , starts ok after that
The rear wiper blade does not move..It first went to wipe and then stopped in the middle of the window and never moved back to its starting postion
Rear axle moves sideways when driving into bumpy roads
need to replace reverse light switch
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