2007 Kia Sportage Questions

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Rear axle moves sideways when driving into bumpy roads
need to replace reverse light switch
seems to occur at high speeds and stops when I stop
Have had it put on machine only code showing code 1208 left rear speed sensor
CRDi Model 2007
not much air flow. air flow wont change directions in cool or heat positions, klicking noise in all positions
not much air flow. air flow wont change directions in cool or heat positions
i drive down about 20 miles or so then oil light starts blinking and will come on like the car is not getting any oil i hear a clicking noise on right side of engine got the computer thing done the codes r aaCMP timing stuck in advance position says that twice timing belt jumped took it in to the shop he said he checked it and timing was fine but when the has been driven and that oil light comes on that cars engine does race you can hear it so i lost the mechanic says he thinks the car needs a new motor !i don"t know what to do anymore!!!i need some one to help me!
when you start the car it's ok but check light is on when u r driving oil light starts blinking then stays on and the car starts making a clicking noise!when i had the diagnostic code it says aaCMP timing over advanced right side aa1probable cause timing actuator stuck in advance position,timing belt jumped ,but the mechanic says he's checked and the timing is good?he re changed oil and filter and he said that the oil pressure is only 4 and should be at 22?
Ive had both o2 sensors replaced, and been through emissions 3 times.
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