2005 Kia Sportage Questions

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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2005 Kia Sportage
I have Kia Sportage 2003 model petrol.
My vehicle runs fine but stops after sometime. Again after starting it runs fine for sometime and stops again. I have change the crank position sensor,fuel pump but problem still occurs. Can you help me.
I have a 2005 kia sportage ex with a 2.7 liter. I noticed I has loosing power steering fluid. I took the top engine cover off noticed fluif all over the underside of cover. had someone start car and had them turn steering sharp side to side. when held approximatly 3 to 5 seconds it gushed fluid. I got an aftermarket from advanced was fine for 3 to 5 days and now is leaking again. should I get a factory replacement
Parked the vehicle, went to move it turned key no crank, no power windows
Poor electrical connection. Vacuum leak on engine dirty or blocked air cleaner
Negative cable gets hot, was running good, stopped to put gas and would just not start would turn over but would not start
filled up with gas and the next morning when I started it, it leaked gas profusely by the back drivers side tire. I can't see a leak or bad hose. What else could it possibly be?
How should I fix the problem and why would it stay in third and then stop moving and the parts store put the computer on it and it said the tcm ( transmission control moduel) was doing it
Pricing for the part and labor and what are signs that its failing cuz my engine light came on and one of the codes reads po750
error cods show cylender 1.3.5 miss fire and fule trim mulfaunction
Also is downshifting extremely hard
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